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A simple life. world premiere at TDF Film Festival in Greece!

A simple life. world premiere at TDF Film Festival in Greece!

Co-director Myrto Papadogeorgou of City of Errors and I are honored to announce that our short documentary "A simple life." will have its world premiere in Thessaloniki, Greece at TDF (Thessaloniki Documentary Festival). More than 80,000 visitors from all over the world attend this prestigious festival. The film will also be at the Agora Doc Market. It seems very fitting that our film is returning to its home and is having its world premiere in Greece, where the documentary was filmed. The festival will also screen many of the films, including ours, in many towns and cities of Greece over the coming months. Stay tuned for more news.

Please come if you are in Thessaloniki. Myrto and I will be at the Festival!

Ciné Stavros Tornes
March 7, 2019 at 6pm.
Q&A after the screening with Myrto and Robert.

(Right now the festivals require we keep the film “private” on the internet. But if you are interested, we can gladly send you the vimeo link and password.)

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Gioula lives a simple life on her olive farm in a beautiful rural coastal village in Greece. When a golf resort destined for foreign wealthy sunseekers threatens to change her entire world, she fights back.

“Nature is the mother of every creature. You tread upon the ground lightly. You respect it,” says Gioula.

Gioula is fighting to preserve her simple way of life with her family, dogs, cats, bees, chickens, horses, and hundreds of ancient olive trees on her farm in Greece. The arid region, where water is scarce and where people have fished and farmed for over 35,000 years, is threatened by plans to build a large golf resort destined for foreign wealthy sunseekers. Not only farming itself, but moreover, a way of life and a culture are in peril.

In Gioula’s words:“This is pure violence. Violence towards the earth.” In a time of economic crisis, development pressures are high. All Gioula wants is a simple life.