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Many thanks to curators Jens Friis and Ingrid Fischer Jonge of the Fototriennale and to curator Malene Linell Ipsen of the Johannes Larsen Museet and to everyone else from both institutions who helped this exhibition come to life. This is the first exhibition of ANONYMIZATION, soon after the release of the book by Kehrer Verlag. I will be traveling to Denmark for the installation and opening as well as for portfolio reviews.

The theme of the festival is “The Good Life”. ANONYMIZATION is about the construction of spaces to which people flock to live the “good life”, but the creation of these spaces also has severe impacts on our environment, society and cultures.  My documentary film Concrete Coast is also being screened on a monitor in the exhibition.

We sequenced the photographs in four groups, which reflect the four chapters in which the book is organized.
1>Sacred Ground: Ground domesticated. Ground broken, remolded and covered with asphalt, concrete, lawns, decorative trees.

2>Conversion: Developments erected.

3>Prefabricated: Finished anonymous developments.

4>Aftermath: Overbuilding results in crises. Decay.


October 3 – November 4, 2012.
Johannes Larsen Museet
Møllebakken 14
5300 Kerteminde