A simple life. + Info

“Nature is the mother of every creature. You tread upon the ground lightly. You respect it,” says Gioula.

Gioula is fighting to preserve her simple way of life with her family, dogs, cats, bees, chickens, horses, and hundreds of ancient olive trees on her farm on the coast of Greece. The arid region, where water is scarce and where people have fished and farmed for over 35,000 years, is threatened by plans to build a large golf resort destined for foreign wealthy sunseekers. Not only farming itself, but moreover, a way of life and a culture are in peril.

In Gioula’s words: “This is pure violence. Violence towards the earth.” In a time of economic crisis, development pressures are high. All Gioula wants is a simple life.

– – –

Directed by Myrto Papadogeorgou and Robert Harding Pittman
Currently screening at film festivals worldwide.
Special Mention (film that best “speaks” about landscape)  – Cinemambiente Festival, Torino, Italy.
(documentary, 17min 13sec, in Greek with English subtitles)