Concrete Coast (Costa de Cemento) + Info

“The modern tools for colonization are the bulldozer and the credit card, as illustrated in this visually striking documentary essay about tourist developments on the Iberian Peninsula.

Filmmaker/photographer Robert Harding Pittman uses carefully framed scenes of construction sites, factory farms, road projects and cookie-cutter subdivisions to tell the story of the ‘backdoor invasion’ of Murcia by foreign tourists more interested in generic luxury than cultural immersion. He contrasts these expert compositions with interviews with local farmers whose land is being consumed by the resort blitz. Stark and pointed, Concrete Coast is a strong portent of a world in which every beachfront region looks like just another shopping mall.”

— Review by Joel McConvey, Planet in Focus Film Festival Programmer (Toronto)

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A documentary film by Robert Harding Pittman
Screening at film festivals worldwide.
Winner of Cinemambulante Award – Euganea Film Festival, Italy.
(documentary, 26 min., color)