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Houston FotoFest 2022 Fine Print Auction

Houston FotoFest 2022 Fine Print Auction

I am very honored to have my photograph take part in the Houston FotoFest 2022 Fine Print Auction. Since 2016, when I exhibited my project “Anonymization” at the Houston FotoFest, I have had this honor in every FotoFest. Many thanks to FotoFest Curator and Director Steven Evans for his interest in and support of my work! (Steven can be seen here giving a tour of the Auction.)

The title of the photograph is “Roller Coaster Economics”. I went to this location in Las Vegas, a few different evenings before sunset to try to catch the right light and the right moment. In the context of my multi-year project about the 2008 Great Recession – economic and housing crash, it symbolizes the economic ups and downs,i.e. the cycles, the gravity or the invisible hand of market forces which drive our lives, and the fate of the landscape and nature. The project focuses on the USA (Arizona and Nevada), Spain and Ireland. By itself, the image stands strong alone and can be interpreted in multiple ways and its new owner can of course see whatever they wish.

Fine art printer Paula Boswell of Acorn Editions in Framingham, Massachusetts, who prints the work of many photographic artists from the Boston area, including Abelardo Morrell and David Hilliard, made this beautiful inkjet print together with me in her studio. Many thanks also to Katherine Shields for her wonderful scan of this Linhof negative. The print is 20×43 inches large with a 2.5inch white photo paper border added on, all the way around.

It was a pleasure collaborating with Paula and Katherine as well as with Steven Evans and Annick Dekiouk of Houston FotoFest!

>Cocktail reception and Preview
September 9, 2022 | 6-8pm
River Oaks District
Suite D135
4444 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77207

September 29, 2022 | 6pm
Whitehall Houston Hotel


(Thanks to Frazier King and Nancy Newberry for their photos of the framed work in Houston.)