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Luminaria03 Exhibition in Madrid

Luminaria03 Exhibition in Madrid

I am very honored to be taking part again in the Luminaria03 Exhibition in Madrid. This will be the third edition. We will be 50 artists from Spain and other parts of the world exhibiting in two food markets in what has become the “Chinatown” area of Madrid – Usera. Artists are given various corners or empty stands in the market to install their work. The idea is to bring art closer to the people who may usually not see art. The market is open during its regular hours and shoppers can see the exhibitions while also shopping for chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits etc. This year I will be showing my Concrete Coast film in the market. Many thanks to curators Antonio Lozano and Eulogia Merle.

Here is a link to my Luminaria01 exhibition in which I made earth pastries with real global real estate prices in an abandoned pastry stand.

By the way, the photo for the poster is one that I took for my Chinese Trains project.

April 7-21, 2018.
Mercado de Usera – Madrid, Spain.
Exhibition opening April 7 at 11AM.
Exhibition closing April 21 at 11AM.